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O.R.B. Offensive Rolling Bot, by Karva Games.  

What is O.R.B.?

Offensive Rolling Bot is a retro style 2D action platformer, where the player plays as O.R.B., a robot sent from the future who can turn into a ball. Both the walking and the ball form have their benefits and downsides and the player needs to use these both forms to advance through the levels, destroy enemies, defeat bosses and save the humanity.

The year is 2XXX. DiOS, the genocidal A.I. has killed 99% of the humanity. A desperate scientist builds a time machine and O.R.B, who is then sent to the past to destroy DiOS before it can completely wipe out the human race.


Feature list

  • From Ball to Robot to back!
    • As a ball you can bounce higher and overcome obstacles!
    • As a robot you can use your many weapons and destroy the enemies in a flashy combat!
  • Bosses & Abilities!
    • Defeat bosses and harness their powers for yourself. Then use them against the enemies and levels!
  • Upgrade Your Arsenal!
    • In the shop you can upgrade your weapons to be more deadly and offensive!
  • Fiends And Foes!
    • Fight against different enemies using your weapons and bouncy agility!
  • Collectibles, collectibles, collectibles!!!
    • Search the levels for hidden secrets that will reveal the lore!


Karva Games are:

Sami Koskinen: Level Designer/Game Designer

Sakarias Bozkurt: Game Designer/Art Director

Emmi Hyvärinen: 2D-Artist

Jasmina Saukkonen: 2D-Artist

Vojtěch Kropáček: Lead Programmer

Mikko Pelasoja: Programmer

Hannu Manninen: Programmer


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ORB Demo 1.1.14.zip 111 MB

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The concept is really cool. I enjoyed the boss the most, I'd love more combat like that! The actual platforming was a bit annoying at times. I think this would work great if the levels where constructed a bit more sonic-esque, so it doesn't break your flow as much. Definetly excited for what this will turn into!


We really enjoyed all elements of this game!!  


I really appreciate that it's left up to the player to find the best way across certain obstacles, and that using ball form has drawbacks to prevent you from just using it to super jump everywhere.


Please make this game available for 32bit too.

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Hi, and thank you for the feedback! We have now made a 32-bit version of the demo available for Windows!


Roger roger!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_F6p_Dly64&feature=youtu.be i hope u  enjoy my gameplay it was a good game keep it up


Sweet visuals and nice mechanics. I think I found a bug with the boss. :)

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Okay, so. This platforming and movement is spectacular. It's so satisfying to pull off the transform-launch-transform every time you do it and (most of the time) the deaths that result from it are a hilarious learning experience. The combat was a little hit and miss though. The projectile and explosive enemies were nice and meshed well with their environments, but the ones who rush you, the boss included, felt really off. I think it's because of how fast they move in comparison with the short delay it can take to get yourself oriented for a jump, but it's hard to put my finger on it. I tried counting frames on the boss, and the delays seem reasonable, but I found the dash extremely difficult to dodge. I'm really not sure what to suggest there, but everything else is outstanding!

(Edit: there absolutely needs to be a pinball and skate park section)